Cylinder Testing

We are a registered IDEST test house (no. 7Q) with two UKAS accredited technicians – Ceri Jones (7Q1) and Dave Kennard (7Q2).

All cylinders are IDEST tested to comply with industry standards. When your cylinder passes it will be returned to you full and IDEST stamped, with all relevant paperwork.

In the event of a cylinder failing, we, Haven Diving Services, retain the right to make the cylinder unusable and will return it to the client for their disposal. This is a requirement of the test procedure and the client is made aware of this during the booking in procedure, before commencement of any work.


(Labour only)

PIAT test on diving cylinder/valve service £50.00
VISUAL test on diving cylinder/valve service £40.00
O2 clean of cylinder £25.00


PIAT 5 years
Visual 2 1/2 years
O2 clean 1 1/2 years